In 2017, an online lending service,, was opened in the Philippines. The service is jointly owned by ROBOCASH PTE LTD and First Movers Holding Corporation.

The service operates in accordance with the law (certificate of registration № CS201730459), providing microcredit to people throughout the Philippines. A client can get a loan either online at, or at a sales office in cash. You can repay the loan through a network of popular shops.

The successful implementation of our own unique technology in the Russian Federation makes it possible for ROBOCASH to conduct lending transactions without human intervention. Upon receipt of a loan application, the system analyzes more than 1800 parameters and based on these factors, makes an informed decision. It takes a few minutes to process and transfer the required amount of money to the client.

In 2018, ROBOCASH PTE LTD commenced with providing advisory and support services to financial institutions in Vietnam. The income of our company results from a percentage of the Vietnamese credit companies' profits. We act as experts in risk assessment, marketing, conducting various financial transactions.

In Vietnam we offer the following services:

  • A full cycle of technologies for running an online business
  • Our own unique scoring model that is adaptable to each specific country and capable of machine learning.
  • Billing services (automated invoice processing system as well as payment system).
  • Expert consultations on marketing, sales, and building a marketing strategy to meet specific goals.

Our services are in high demand among companies striving to improve their customer service, bringing it to a new, more innovative level.